Top 5 Wedding Photography Styles You Need To Know

From wedding themes and attire to color schemes, every couple has unique style preferences. However, one of the most important choices you’ll have to make is selecting a suitable wedding photography styles. The preference may vary, whether you are drawn to sombre, dark photographs or vibrant, fine art images.

Moreover, deciding on the kind of photography style can help you choose the best Wellington wedding photographers who specialize in that particular style and capture some of the most stunning shots. 

In this post, we have compiled a list of photography styles that you can ask your Wellington wedding photographer or videographer to add according to your wedding photography package. 

Top 5 Wedding Photography Styles

Film and Flash Photography

Want to feel like you were photographed by paparazzi as you walked down the aisle? Or choose a traditional style for your wedding pictures? If yes, film photography and direct flash are your best bets.

Film photography requires a specialized camera with a certain number of frames, whereas direct flash shots necessitate flash being directed at a subject (like a candid photograph of a celebrity out on a stroll).  

Film shots tend to be considerably more deliberate. Direct flash, on the other hand, contributes to various types of historical photography that it was considered an art form.


Classic photographs persist through the years, just like the ones in your parents’ or grandparents’ wedding albums. They are beautiful, imposing, and a little formal. These images capture truth and also incorporate the photographer’s artistic liberty. They typically include posed pictures, such as family portraits.

Is this classic your style? Request your photographer to have the simple moments documented in your wedding photography. If you want a vintage appearance, let them know you’d like a contemporary spin on the pictures you’ve seen for years.

Double-Exposure Photography styles

When two photos are stacked over one another, whether on film or digitally, the result is a double-exposure photograph. These pictures tell the story of you, your spouse, and your wedding. It comes down to imagination and narrative in photography. Because it feels all too familiar but also quirky, surreal, and not dull, this style will remain appealing to many people. The beautiful part about this current wedding photography in NZ trend is that each couple who engages will have a unique love story portrayed in the pictures.

Furthermore, double-exposure wedding photos are fantastic because they serve as unique keepsakes of your special day. So, talk with your wedding photographer and ask if they may take photos with double exposures to capture your special day.

Fine Art

While traditional wedding photography and fine art are similar, they differ slightly. It is renowned for being airy, light, and bright, making it ideal for any romantic occasion. In general, it is more delicate and softer than traditional digital photographs. 

The main objective is to graphically communicate a tale in an artistic but compassionate manner. As long as the client’s needs are met, the artist must remain true to their vision. This common design works particularly well with striking, vivid colors and charming outdoor weddings Find the best Wellington wedding photographer that specializes in fine art if you want a soft, romantic wedding album.

Drone or Aerial Photography

Technology has undeniably influenced a lot of aspects of modern-day life. Drones are one technological innovation that has smoothly blended into practically everyone’s daily life. Your day’s visual memories take on a whole new dimension thanks to drone footage.

There are many different things you may do for your aerial wedding photographs, such as getting a birds-eye perspective of your circular ceremony seating, posing with your spouse, or arranging your wedding party in the shape of a heart.

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