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Your wedding will be one of the greatest and most important days of your life and it is an honor for us to be a part of it. We strive to capture not just the events of the day, but also the memories and emotions that make it so special. One of the few things you will have to remember your wedding by are the photos, and it is of the uttermost importance to us that you get a beautiful memory to look back on.

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Getting married to your partner is one of the most incredible life journeys one can embark on. Not only are you committing to the love of your life, but the celebration of this momentous occasion with your friends and family make it extra special.

Marriage is not only a celebration of your love for one another but it marks the beginning of a new chapter. It’s a new way of challenging your outlook on life as a married couple, challenging how you can become and persistently try to be a better partner for your significant other, but most importantly, it marks the new expansion of your family. Tying you closer to your loved ones, capturing the emotions that surround your wedding day are so important for reliving those memories in the future. When it comes to capturing the soul of your wedding day, photography plays a huge role in anthropomorphising this celebration.

Wellington Wedding Photography

Our photographs are so much more than pictures of a happy couple. Wholeheartedly believing that a picture speaks a thousand words, our aim is to capture profound moments and emotions that are experienced through our photography. 

It is totally understandable that most couples feel shy and rigid in front of the camera. Therefore our Wellington wedding photographers are trained in making couples feel more comfortable, and therefore more trusting of us to take their photograph, making it a more fun process for both parties on this special occasion. At Foto Diem, our photographers make newly wed couples feel more at ease around the camera on their wedding day, to which we embrace silly and spontaneous moments that accurately reflect the joyous nature of this occasion, all whilst utilising light most effectively to produce timeless photographs. 

We also understand further that wedding days come with a lot of stress and chaos, to which our wedding photographers are trained to accomodate to all venue requirements, despite how niche they may be.

Following are the packages details.


Following are the packages details.

Why Should You Choose Foto Diem For Your Big Day?

We don’t compromise on detail

As professional wedding photographers in NZ, our main objective is to pay attention to and to capture detail in our wedding photographs. Ensuring that we’re readily available to capture a special moment, we also make sure that every photograph is perfectly framed within aesthetically pleasing backdrops, reflecting our care and consideration in photographing the lovely couple.

Whether it’s flowers in your hair or a butterfly quietly and spontaneously landing on your shoulder, we make sure not to miss any moments. Every laugh, every tear, and smile are immortalised in our photographs. Studying the location also offers us the chance to develop a backup plan in case of unanticipated events. We make sure the quality of our photography in Wellington region is not compromised by unwelcomed and surprising weather changes and conditions. Becoming more familiar with the location’s layout helps us develop a secondary plan, especially for taking group photos with beautiful backdrops and surrounding settings.

You'll Have Beautiful Memories To Look Back On

A common tendency for newlyweds is to revise special memories and emotions on your wedding day. That’s why we breathe timelessness, sophistication and sentiment into our photographs, ensuring that you relive your special moments with your family and friends, that most accurately represents the day as a whole. 

Given that you’ve already got enough on your plate, we ensure that we are present to capture every single moment, from cutting the cake to walking down the aisle. As your best Wellington wedding photographer, we don’t ever skip a beat. 

Our image quality and flexibility will also allow you to realise your wedding day through a variety of mediums, whether that’s through a hard drive or in a carefully curated photo album. 


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Our Skills Are Unmatched

Our skilled professionals can convey emotion by making use of your surroundings and experimenting with perspectives. We can portray enthusiasm like no other Wellington photographer does, considering our niche techniques in  framing, angles, lighting, and mood.

We can assure youone thing: you and your loved ones will look your best, whether your wedding is more of a simple taste or whether you indulge in something more stately and luxurious. No matter the circumstance, we modify our methods to ensure ideal lighting, frames, and perspectives. Provide us with  a clear description of what you want, and we’ll make it happen.

We Make Sure All Eyes Are On You

This is your wedding day, and we’re here to assist. It is our responsibility to make the wedding planning process as easy and stress-free for you as we can. Our photographic crew is friendly, pleasant, and efficient. We disappear and blend into the background to record those unguarded moments. We will do our best to accommodate any reasonable requirements for particular needs. 

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