Emotion Wedding Photography: Tips and Techniques for Stunning Photos

Capturing emotion and joy in a wedding photography session does not come easily. It takes awareness of the environment, both in terms of the people and the atmosphere, as well as a healthy relationship between the couple, the photographer, and the camera. Here are some tips for couples to consider to ensure that their wedding photography captures emotion and joy:

Tips For Capturing Emotional Wedding Photography

1. Getting Familiar with Your Photographer and Camera Before the Session

Have an informal photo session with your photographer to get used to the camera and to pick up some tips about what makes you look good in a camera

2. Communication is Key for Successful Engagement Photos:

Communication is key. Before the session begins, make sure you discuss your expectations and desired outcomes with your photographer. By communicating your goals and expectations, you can be sure to create the perfect environment for your photos and the most amazing moments.

3. Have fun with it:

Take opportunities to laugh, smile, and embrace each other and your photographer throughout the session. This will allow you to capture as many genuine moments as possible and make the photo session really enjoyable. Imagine you are alone with your loved one and are just having fun!

4. Make sure your location reflects your story: 

Choose a place that is special to you as a couple and will truly bring alive your particular story. Whether it’s posed or candid, you’ll surely love your special day’s photographic journey and will be able to go down memory lane for years to come.

5. Take your photography game up a notch: 

Set aside some extra budget for your photographer, and explore extending your photography session. A creative, passionate and dedicated photographer can bring out the best in you.

6. Work with your Photographer: 

Work with your creative partner as they understand your needs better, and can help you craft compelling visuals that bring out your emotion and joy.

7. Find a Photographer with a Personal Touch: 

Go beyond cookie-cutter photography and pick one who truly understands you and what brings out the best in your wedding pictures.

8. Capture a mix of Real and Posed Moments: 

In order to capture the full story of your day, both the posed and unplanned moments should be included. This can instantly create a spark in your photos.

9. Acknowledge the Artistic Value of your Wedding Photography: 

It’s not only about collecting memories. You should also strive for a unique, one-of-a-kind art piece that will bring to life the story of your wedding day.

10. Connect with your Photographer: 

Trust them as this will bring out your natural smiles and candid moments. Spend time with your photographer getting to know them and their work.

11. Capture Emotions in Groups: 

Pay more attention to how your settings look when taking group shots. The guests will be more comfortable sharing the moment if your settings are inviting.

12. Embrace the Unplanned Moments: 

Be prepared to embrace the moments you didn’t plan on, as these will become some of your most cherished memories.

13. Have Fun with Props: 

Props can be a great way to bring some personality and life to your wedding photos. Try including some unique items that relate to you as a couple, such as 

engagement photos, a copy of your love story, meaningful mementoes, and even props that simulate your favourite activity.

14. Include Certain Relatives or close friends: 

To ensure that all of your loved ones are present in your wedding photos, consider asking a few special relatives to step in for some candid photos. Surrounding yourselves with those who have supported you from day one will create memories that will last a lifetime.

15. Choose a Relaxed Photojournalistic Style: 

To best capture, the joy at the moment, opt for a photojournalistic style that allows for spontaneity. This style of photography allows the photographer to capture the entire wedding day-true emotions, unique details, and special candid moments.

16. Choose the Right Photographer: 

A great photographer who has experience in capturing emotion is essential. Ask any friends who have recently gotten married if they have any recommendations. Research photographers who specialize in emotion-packed images, and be sure to interview them to make sure you like their style.

17. Use Natural Light: 

Capturing beautiful and natural light goes hand-in-hand with emotion-filled photos. Ask your photographer to use the natural light of the sun to create soft and beautiful pictures. This can be done either outdoors or indoors, depending on the time of day and the weather conditions.

18. Capture Unique Moments: 

During your wedding, keep an eye out for special candid moments that best represent your relationship. These moments could be between you and your partner, or between you and your family and friends.

19. Capture Highs and Lows: 

The entire journey of your wedding day is worth capturing-both highs and lows. Showcase every emotion, from your overflowing joy to your tearful vows.

20. Don’t Fear Unexpected Outbursts: 

Don’t be afraid of laughter or other unexpected outbursts; these are the true moments that make up your wedding. Special moments like these can often be caught off-guard, but make for beautiful photos that reflect the emotions of your special day.

21. Capture the Little Details: 

Don’t forget the smaller details. Small details can make all the difference when it comes to emotion-filled photos. Include your rings, the gown, the decorations, the cake, and any other meaningful item that has special stories behind them.

22. Capture Special Memories: 

Be sure to capture special memories from the day, from the couple’s walk down the aisle to the garter toss and everything in between. 

  • Get Emotional:

    Don’t be afraid to capture moments that involve emotion. Whether it’s tears of joy, laughter, or a moment of quiet contemplation, these types of shots will add depth and character to the wedding photos. 

  • Capture the Details:

    Lastly, be sure to capture the details of the day – from the flowers in the bouquet to the cake topper, to the vow books. All of these little details will come together to tell the story of the couple’s wedding day.


At the end of the day, wedding photography should capture the emotion and joy of the couple and their loved ones on their special day. By choosing our one of the Wedding Photography And Videography Packages couples can ensure the most important moments of their wedding day are beautifully photographed and immortalized to look back on for years to come. Let’s start planning and capturing the emotion of your wedding photography. We are specialized in Wedding Photography in Wellington call us today at +64 022 077 0078

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