Photography equipment my wedding photographer should utilise

On your special wedding day, it is essential to have a professional photographer to capture those special moments. Whether you’re having an intimate ceremony or a grandiose celebration, a professional wedding photographer should have the right tools. Having the correct equipment greatly enhance his ability to achieve best wedding photography outcomes.

Starting off, a wedding photographer should always carry a set of reliable cameras. Multiple digital single lens reflex cameras (SLR) are essential to have handy,

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with multiple lenses (lens ranges of 28-135mm to 70-200mm) and cameras. These cameras, combined with the right lenses, can capture wide-angle shots, close-ups, and even night shots with ease. Redundancy of camera bodies will enable him to have backup gear in case anything happens with one camera.

The second piece of equipment the photographer needs is flash lighting. This lighting is usually used to fill the dark areas of an image and balance the light from other sources. The most popular types are flash units are attached units or remote units.   Attach units, like implied, attach directly to the camera and remote external flash units provide a large range of motion and flexibility.

Other fundamental equipment that should be available to the photographer are tripods and supporting devices or his cameras.  Long exposure works, such as night photography rely on a tripod to keep the camera steady to enable this artistic expression. Furthermore, a reflector is necessary to fill in the shadows and enhance the natural light which can maximize the photograph’s dynamic range.


Overall, the best wedding photographer should have the right combination of photography equipment necessary to take the highest quality images. With multiple SLR cameras, flash lighting, tripods, and reflectors, your wedding photographer will be ready to deliver stunning and breath-taking images of your special day.

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