Want Children at Your Wedding

Navigating Your Guest List: Do You Want Children at Your Wedding?

“Do you want children at your wedding?” This seemingly simple question holds the power to shape the atmosphere and dynamics of your special day. The presence of children can add an element of joy, innocence, and even unpredictability to your wedding celebration. Yet, it also introduces unique considerations that warrant thoughtful reflection. As you embark on the journey of wedding planning, it’s important to delve into this question with care. In this article, we’ll offer wedding tips and tricks that will help you make an informed decision about whether or not to invite children to your celebration. From understanding the perspectives of Wellington photographers to considering guest dynamics and making practical arrangements, we’ll guide you through this pivotal decision with practical insights.


1. Communication with Wellington Photographers

Your chosen photographers are not mere observers; they are storytellers with the ability to capture the essence of your day. When contemplating the presence of children at your wedding, communication with your Wellington photographers is paramount. By discussing your preferences and concerns, you can ensure that your chosen photographers are fully prepared to capture the candid interactions, emotions, and heartwarming moments involving children. Their expertise will ensure that these moments are beautifully documented for you to cherish.

2. Consider Your Guest Dynamics

Before deciding whether to extend an invitation to children, take a closer look at the dynamics of your guest list. Are there close family members or friends with children whom you’d like to include in your celebration? Consider the potential impact of your decision on their attendance and overall enjoyment of the day. Striking a balance between your vision and the comfort of your guests is essential.

3. Setting the Tone with Your Invitations

Your wedding invitations are the initial glimpse into the tone and style of your wedding day. If you’re leaning towards a child-friendly celebration, consider using inviting language that welcomes families. On the other hand, if you envision an intimate adult-oriented affair, your invitations can subtly communicate this preference. The wording and design of your invitations can provide subtle cues to guide your guests.

4. Preparing a Child-Friendly Environment

If you decide to include children in your wedding festivities, creating a child-friendly environment is key. Consider the age groups of the children attending and provide age-appropriate activities to keep them engaged and entertained. From coloring stations to interactive games, thoughtful planning can ensure that both parents and children have a memorable experience.

5. Ensuring a Smooth Ceremony

The ceremony is the heart of your wedding day, and including children can add touching and candid moments. However, it’s important to anticipate potential disruptions that children might inadvertently cause. If you’re comfortable, designate a quiet area with supervision where parents can take their children if needed. This ensures that everyone can participate in the ceremony with minimal distractions.


Pros and Cons of Including Children at Your Wedding


  • Joyful Atmosphere: Children have a unique ability to infuse any event with unfiltered joy and energy, creating a lighthearted and celebratory atmosphere.
  • Memorable Moments: The candid interactions involving children can lead to heartwarming and unforgettable moments that add depth to your wedding memories.
  • Family Inclusion: Inviting children can be a way to include close family members and friends who may otherwise face challenges attending without their children.
  • Photo Opportunities: Children bring a spontaneous and genuine quality to photos, resulting in beautifully authentic snapshots that capture the true essence of your day.



  • Logistical Challenges: Including children requires extra planning to ensure their comfort, entertainment, and safety throughout the event.
  • Potential Disruptions: Young children can be unpredictable, potentially causing distractions during crucial moments such as the ceremony or speeches.
  • Guest Comfort: Some guests might prefer an adult-only atmosphere to fully enjoy the celebration without distractions.
  • Budget Considerations: Providing child-friendly amenities and activities can add to your budget, impacting other aspects of your wedding planning.


Why Choose Foto Diem Photography

Foto Diem Photography’s expertise extends beyond capturing posed portraits; they excel at capturing the candid interactions and authentic moments that define your day. When it comes to children at weddings, their experienced photographers know how to blend into the background, capturing the moments of joy, curiosity, and innocence that children bring to the celebration. Their skill lies in crafting a visual narrative that not only showcases your love but also beautifully reflects the unique role that children play in your special day.



The decision of whether to invite children to your wedding is deeply personal and should reflect your vision for the day, your guests’ preferences, and the atmosphere you want to create. Children can infuse a sense of spontaneity and genuine joy into your celebration, but it’s crucial to consider the logistical aspects and potential challenges.

As you navigate this decision, remember that Foto Diem Photography is your partner in documenting every nuance, emotion, and interaction of your wedding day. Whether you opt for a child-friendly celebration or choose a more intimate atmosphere, their expertise ensures that the memories you create will be captured in photographs that tell a heartfelt and authentic story. Your wedding is a celebration of your unique journey as a couple, and with the artistry of Foto Diem Photography, those moments will be preserved for a lifetime, embodying the love, joy, and laughter that encompass your wedding day.

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