The 2022 bridal collection of Aire Atelier

The 2022 bridal collection of Aire Atelier


The newest collection of Aire Atelier is very fresh straight from the Spanish city, Barcelona. The entire collection is designed by Rosa Clara and the dresses are jaw-dropping. They are elegant with various features like pearls, statement bow ties, etc. In case you are looking for wedding dresses that have a touch of simplicity then the Aire Atelier bridal collection is the best. Also, the hiring wedding photographer New Zealand or wedding photographer Wellington will be able to capture the beauty of these dresses. Every piece is created with a striking silhouette that transports you to a special place.

The 2022 bridal collection of Aire Atelier


Here are some of the pieces from this collection:

• The Alma Dress – This is a very elegant dress which a deep V-neck and lace work done on it. The dress has half sleeves and an amazing silhouette.

• The Ares Dress – If you are a fan of big bows then this is the dress for you. It is sleeveless and has a big bow in the middle. The flow of the dress makes it unique and dreamy.

• The Ubal Dress – The neck of the dress is unique which will accentuate your neck. Also, this dress has a big bow in the center which complements your waistline and looks very elegant.

• The Uday Dress – The highlight of the dress is its back. The dress has detailing of lace, and pearls, as well as a bow at the back. It has everything in it which will make your wedding day extra special.

• The Udele Dress – This dress has amazing back detailing. The lace work done on its back along with small buttons looks graceful and very pretty. However, its sleeves are the main highlight of the dress, the bell sleeves look beautiful.

• The Ulam Dress – If you are in search of a timeless wedding dress then this can be considered one. The dress has a very sleek fit along with the lace detailing in the center. Also, the sleeves of the dress are created with beautiful lace.

• The Ulma Dress – This dress is completely different from Ulam Dress. The dress has a deep V-neck and the bodice has amazing detailing on it. Also, the dress has pockets which is an advantage.

• The Ulrik Dress – This strapless dress is a dream come true dress. The amazing flow of the dress which slight ruffles at the end makes it look gorgeous. Also, a bow at the side of the dress is the highlight of it.

• The Umber Dress – This is also a strapless dress that has an amazing neckline. The flow of the dress will make you look like a real-world Disney princess. This dress has pockets on both sides which is great for the bride.

• The Unay Dress – If you want something unconventional then this is the dress for you. This is a midi dress that has three tiers. Also, the bow at the top of the bodice makes it look pretty. Hiring best wedding photographer New Zealand on your D-day will be able to capture the beauty of this dress.

There are many other dresses in this collection that you can be your dream dress.

The right place to buy a bridal collection of Aire Atelier

The collections are easily available at various online stores. However, ensure that you are hiring the top wedding photographer from Wellington, New Zealand to have the best pictures in one of these wedding dresses.