Must-Have Wedding Day Emergency Kit Essentials

Must-Have Wedding Day Emergency Kit Essentials


The wedding Day is the best moment in every person’s life! Despite planning well, wedding day hiccups are bound to happen. Hence, it is necessary to prepare a list of just-in-case items for a smoothly running wedding ceremony. These things not only prevent the last-minute rush when something unexpected happens but also give you the confidence of being prepared for anything. Make sure that your best friend or siblings stash it off in an easy-to-access place.
Must-Have Wedding Day Emergency Kit Essentials

What Is An Emergency Kit For A Wedding Day?

You may be unaware of these wedding day emergency kits. It is just a pack that includes the essentials you may require on a wedding day. Many times these products are least bothered and even ignored as if you may not need that. An emergency wedding kit is a pack of toiletries, beauty essentials and medicines. Here is a checklist prepared to make it easy for you to enjoy a hassle-free wedding day. Don’t forget to carry these things with you!

Important Things That You Must Have In Your Wedding Day Emergency Kit

Before you pack up make your list in three sections. Requirements for make-up and hairstyling, costume and accessories for individual programs, and general things. To help you more, here is a checklist prepared for you.

Essentials for Make-up And Hair Styling-

Sometimes we forget silly things which we may not even think could cause last-minute surprises. Don’t ignore putting these things in your kit.

  1. Cleanser
  2. Cotton buds
  3. Nail file
  4. Lip balm
  5. Sunscreen
  6. Lotion
  7. Hairpins including bobby pins
  8. Tweezers
  9. Hair Brush
  10. Lipstick
  11. Eyeliner
  12. Hair spray
  13. Deodorant
  14. sunscreen
  15. Makeup remover
  16. Shampoo and conditioner


Essentials for costume and accessories

We can’t expect any disaster may happen with your costumes and accessories even. So make sure you are keeping this in your kits.

  1. Sewing kit( check the needles, threads, buttons, and safety pins)
  2. Scissors
  3. Instant hemming tapes
  4. Stain remover wipes
  5. Crochet hooks
  6. Lint roller
  7. Shoe polish
  8. Spare shoes
  9. White chalk( if your costume is white this can be used to hide sudden spills)
  10. Extra earrings backs

Don’t forget these General must-haves

Other than your outlook you must also feel good internally to enjoy your big day. So don’t skip these essentials to hoard in your emergency kits.

  1. Eye drops ( if you are planning to wear contacts)
  2. Antihistamine tablets
  3. Pain killers
  4. Phone charger
  5. Toothpaste and brush
  6. Breath mints
  7. Insect repellants
  8. Insect-bite ointment
  9. Comb
  10. Plaster
  11. Tissues and face towels
  12. Hand sanitizer
  13. Remedies or essential oils
  14. Sanitary products
  15. Pads
  16. List of contacts of the suppliers
  17. Snacks
  18. Water bottle
  19. Wedding itinerary copy
  20. Good bag to hold these things
  21. A little amount of cash

Last but not the least, pack up your bag with a beautiful smile! Little things can make your big day a great one! So be well prepared to enjoy your wedding day without any hiccups!