How to Feel Less Awkward

Ten Wedding Tips and Tricks: Pre-Wedding Shoots – How to Feel Less Awkward



Congratulations on your upcoming wedding! As you begin planning your special day, you might also be considering a pre-wedding shoot to capture your love and excitement before the big day. Pre-wedding shoots are a fantastic way to get comfortable in front of the camera and create beautiful memories to cherish forever. However, it’s entirely normal to feel a bit awkward or camera-shy during these sessions. In this blog post, we’ll share ten wedding tips and tricks to help you feel more at ease during your pre-wedding shoot. Let’s explore how to embrace this experience and make it a fun and memorable part of your wedding journey.


Choose a Comfortable Location:

Selecting a familiar and comfortable location for your pre-wedding shoot can make all the difference. Consider places that hold sentimental value to you as a couple, such as your favorite park, the spot where you first met, or even your own home. A Wellington wedding photographer, like those at Foto Diem Photography, can suggest picturesque locations around Wellington, ensuring that you feel relaxed and at ease during the shoot.

TIP: Setting the Scene: Choosing the Perfect Location


Practice Makes Perfect:

Consider your pre-wedding shoot as a rehearsal for your wedding day photography. Use this opportunity to practice posing, holding hands, and embracing each other in front of the camera. Your Wellington wedding photographer will guide you through various poses, helping you feel more comfortable and confident in your movements.

TIP: Rehearsing for the Big Day: Practicing Posing Techniques


Embrace Your Natural Chemistry:

Remember that the most beautiful photos are often the ones that capture your natural chemistry and love for one another. Focus on each other, engage in conversation, share a laugh, and let your emotions shine. Your Wellington wedding photographer will capture these genuine moments, resulting in authentic and heartfelt photographs.

TIP: Love in the Lens: Embracing Your Natural Chemistry


Dress for Success:

Choose outfits that make you feel your best and reflect your personal style. Whether it’s elegant formal wear, casual attire, or matching outfits, wearing clothes that you feel comfortable in will boost your confidence during the shoot. Your Wellington wedding photographer can provide guidance on outfit choices that complement each other and the location.

TIP: Dressing to Impress: Finding the Perfect Outfits


Trust Your Photographer:

Having confidence in your Wellington wedding photographer is key to feeling less awkward during the pre-wedding shoot. Trust that they are skilled professionals who know how to capture your best angles and expressions. Let them take the lead, and you’ll find that the shoot flows effortlessly.

TIP: Behind the Lens: Putting Your Trust in Your Photographer


Incorporate Props or Activities:

Adding props or engaging in fun activities can help distract from any awkwardness you might feel. Bring along items that have significance to your relationship, such as a favorite book, a picnic setup, or a cozy blanket. Engaging in activities, like dancing or strolling hand in hand, can also create dynamic and natural shots.

TIP: Playful Moments: Incorporating Props and Activities


Schedule Your Shoot at the Right Time:

Consider the timing of your pre-wedding shoot to ensure the best lighting conditions. Early morning or late afternoon sessions often offer soft and flattering light that enhances the romantic atmosphere. Consult with your Wellington wedding photographer to choose the perfect time for your shoot.

TIP: Perfect Timing: Scheduling Your Pre-Wedding Shoot


Relax and Breathe:

Feeling awkward is entirely normal, but remember to take deep breaths and relax throughout the session. Take breaks if needed and remember that your Wellington wedding photographer is there to make you feel comfortable and at ease.

TIP: Finding Calm in the Moment: Relaxation Techniques


Look Beyond the Camera:

During the pre-wedding shoot, focus on each other rather than the camera. Engage in intimate moments, share inside jokes, and express your love openly. By doing so, your Wellington wedding photographer can capture candid and emotional shots that truly reflect your bond.

TIP: Love’s Embrace: Looking Beyond the Camera


Be Yourselves:

Above all, be true to yourselves and let your personalities shine. Embrace your uniqueness as a couple, and don’t be afraid to be silly, affectionate, or serious – whatever feels natural to you. Your pre-wedding shoot is about celebrating your love story authentically.

TIP: Authentic Love: Embracing Your True Selves


Why Choose Foto Diem Photography:

At Foto Diem Photography, we understand that feeling less awkward during your pre-wedding shoot is crucial to capturing beautiful and genuine moments. Our team of experienced Wellington wedding photographers is dedicated to creating a relaxed and enjoyable atmosphere, allowing you to be yourselves and shine in front of the camera. With our guidance and expertise, your pre-wedding shoot will be a joyful and memorable experience, setting the stage for exquisite wedding memories that will last a lifetime.


Pre-wedding shoots offer a wonderful opportunity to embrace your love and excitement before your wedding day. By following these ten wedding tips and tricks, you can feel less awkward and more at ease during your session. Trust in your Wellington wedding photographer, be true to yourselves, and focus on the love you share. With Foto Diem Photography, your pre-wedding shoot will become a cherished part of your wedding journey, creating a beautiful collection of memories to treasure forever. Therefore Contact us today to learn more about how we can make your wedding day memories last a lifetime. For more on Wedding  photography insights and advice also see “Must-Read Wedding Articles” blog

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