Couples Clothing Options For Photography

When it comes to taking photos together as a couple, the right outfit can make all the difference. Whether it is for your family album or your wedding album, there are certain styles of couples clothing tips that every couple should consider when getting dressed for the shoot.

Couples Clothing Options

First, think about colours

Wearing complementary colours can make a great impact on photos. Try coordinating your colours – one person can wear the lighter version of the shade while the other wears the darker version. You can also make your outfits pop by having one of you stay within the same colour scheme while the other surprises with a punch of colour. Don’t be afraid to mix colours and textures to create a unique and memorable look.

Second, find the balance between overly dressed and undressed

If you show too much skin, you risk looking more risqué than you intended; if you wear too many layers, it can be difficult to capture your face through all the texture. 

For men 

Try a collared shirt and a blazer or sports jacket that fits well. Choose a solid colour that isn’t too bold so as not to detract from your features. Avoid busy patterns, graphics and logo t-shirts which will take away from you. Just above the collar, provide a pop of colour to give elements of interest and a little bit of personality to your photography. 

For ladies

A blouse and a pair of flattering jeans can do the trick. Avoid overly large armholes and unnecessary bling, as these will also draw away from your features when photographed. When selecting colours, choose fabrics that bring out your best features. Soft neutrals in shades of cream, grey, navy, blush or lavender help to flatter the face in photos. 


Scarves, necklaces, and hats are the perfect accent for styling a look. They bring out your personality and hint at elements to remember in your photos. 

Plan your outfit ahead of time and choose comfortable items that you and your partner feel great in. Clothing should not be too loose or tight as it will be unflattering in pictures. Avoid wearing clothing that is too trend-types and non-matching in style or colour, as it is hard to create a pleasant, visual mix. 

With the right clothing and accessories, couples can look great in their photos! Remember to pick and choose the right items that flatter your features and highlight the beauty of your relationship. Prior to having your picture taken, take some time to plan and coordinate the perfect family photography in Wellington & wedding photography packages in NZ that speaks to you and your partner!

Couples Clothing Options For Photography